Testimoni - Siswa-Siswi


Institution : Oklahoma State University, USA

I was introduced to CES Education during my high school. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study abroad, I had very limited information on why should I study abroad, what universities should I apply to, how do I apply, how do I get my student visa, where am I going to live, etc.

My mom brought me to CES. CES staffs and Mam Julia were very welcome and explained everything in details. They gave me few suggestions on universities based on what I preferred, broke down all the steps I needed to do, what documents I needed to prepare. They actually arranged and did everything for me, from the school applications, IELTS preparations, Math for university/college, visa application, accommodation, all the way to who will pick me up in the airport.

Everything was easy for me since CES did everything. All I needed to do was giving them my documents. A Couple weeks after I gave them my documents, I received the acceptance letter. Everything went smoothly and I finally arrived and someone was arranged to pick me up. I am glad I was introduced to CES Education, which make study abroad easy.




Institution : Berkeley College, New York, USA

Hi saya Fabian Suprayogi - 18 years old. Saat saya graduted from my high school tahun 2016, saya sudah berencana untuk melanjutkan sekolah di New York, USA. CES Education menjadi pilihan terbaik untuk memberi saran dan masukan, mencari sekolah yang dituju, menghubungi pihak sekolahnya dan memprosesnya dengan pihak Embassy di Jakarta.

Prosedur di CES Education sangat jelas, cepat, dan profesional. CES Education mencarikan sekolah dengan environment yang nyaman untuk hidup mandiri dan tidak asal pilih sekolah yang dituju. CES Education juga menyediakan Preparation Program untuk Mathematics dan TOEFL / IELTS Test International. Terbukti saat semester 1, saya bisa mendapatkan Scholarship, dan di semester 2 ini menjadi member of The Honor International Society untuk yang berprestasi.

Thanks to God, bila saya saat preparation study abroad tidak dibantu oleh team CES Education, mungkin saya tidak mencapai accomplishment seperti saat ini. My special thanks to Mam Julia and staffs !!! So, jangan bingung lagi mencari tempat Konsultan Pendidikan yang profesional seperti CES Education, may your dreams come true like me. Wish you all the best...




Institution : North Seattle College, USA

We knew Central Education Services (CES) through an international educational exhibition held at a five-star hotel in Jakarta in early 2016. At that first introduction, we were very impressed with the enthusiasm shown by CES staff, by trying to introduce universities in various countries.

At that time, it was unthinkable whether our only daughter, Jessica Saradita Sinulingga would go to overseas universities or through College first. At the next exhibition organized by CES, we got a clear picture that taking college through College is a very effective strategy to get into a top university in the United States, at a relatively cheaper cost, and a shorter time period, given our daughter no need to wait until graduating from high school in Indonesia.

After several discussions with CES staff, we are very helpful in deciding that our daughter will continue her studies through a College in the USA, and can apply immediately after the completion of Year 11, and the age of 16. In addition, we are helpful in choosing the right major for our daughter, the courses that will be taken, and the continuation of his college studies later after completing two years of study at the College.

Through and by CES, we finally decided to choose North Seattle College, one of the best colleges in the state of Washington, USA, with consideration of the expenses adjusted to our capabilities. We are greatly assisted in the registration process, the issuance of the I-20 and the process of issuing student visas, living expenses estimates, lodgings, and travel guides until she arrives at the intended school, the selection and enrollment of the inaugural courses, including pick-up services from the local airport. As parents, we are so comfortable that our daughter can be taken care of by the right educational service institution, so we have no doubt what so ever that even our daughter is studying in a very remote place.

Not only that, CES also provides assistance in monitoring the development of children who are far from parents. CES is always in coordination with the College where our children are in school, and if necessary, CES can provide reporting services on learning outcomes and lessons learned by children. CES also coordinates with the school to provide guidance to students who have barriers in the learning process.

Given our experience of the services provided by CES, we have no hesitation in introducing CES to our colleagues parents, who have children who are longing to taste higher education abroad. Even CES also provides assistance to enroll our children to continue their studies at reputable universities in the USA as well as in other countries.

Jakarta, 12 July 2017
Eddy Rainal Sinulingga