Testimoni - Siswa-Siswi


I was introduced to CES Education during my high school. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study abroad, I had very limited information on why should I study abroad, what universities should I apply to, how do I apply, how do I get my student visa, where am I going to live, etc.

My mom brought me to CES. CES staffs and Mam Julia were very welcome and explained everything in details. They gave me few suggestions on universities based on what I preferred, broke down all the steps I needed to do, what documents I needed to prepare. They actually arranged and did everything for me, from the school applications, IELTS preparations, Math for university/college, visa application, accommodation, all the way to who will pick me up in the airport.

Everything was easy for me since CES did everything. All I needed to do was giving them my documents. A Couple weeks after I gave them my documents, I received the acceptance letter. Everything went smoothly and I finally arrived and someone was arranged to pick me up. I am glad I was introduced to CES Education, which make study abroad easy.



Nadia Brigita